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  • Charleygirl76
  • From country : Chesham, Bucks, England
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 13/10/2015

This was a fabulous way to explore the wonders of Halong Bay. Clean boat and cabins. We felt very privileged when they decorated for our wedding anniversary. Staff were all friendly. Our guide was very nice, and knowledgeable throughout the tour. We saw caves, kayaked and swam in the bay - and even fished for squid. Sunset and cocktails were...

  • HollieM1990
  • From country : Coventry, Vương quốc Anh
  • Rated 4 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 19/01/2015

We enjoyed our Halong Bay trip, although the scenery is so stunning it's hard not to be impressed no matter who you do the cruise with. The cabin was a decent size and the staff filled the time quite well with food, caves, squid fishing, kayaking and visiting the pearl farm. However we were disappointed on a couple of points; firstly the buses used to pick up/ drop off were not big enough for everyone so we were placed in buses from other tour groups going each way so we were never with the group on our boat, meaning everyone else had already got to know each other by the time we arrived. The other disappointment was the food; the theory seemed to be quantity over quality so there was a constant onslaught of average food, where as we would preferred fewer dishes of nicer quality. There was also no music or entertainment after dinner, so most people seemed to retreat to their cabins by 8:30pm, which was a shame.A good experience.

  • Gojabin
  • From country : Melbourne, Úc
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 10/12/2015

Having visited Milford Sound in NZ recently, wasn't expecting much here. But was very pleasantly surprised! Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful places I've every been and doing the tour with Majestic cruises was very good. I loved everything about the way the whole thing was planned except for the entertainment bit ( or lack thereof)! Luckily, we had great company on board and we all had fun. The food was very good, but I would suggest that you carry a few snacks for in between meals and some chocolates. Our guide Mr.Tan was good, I would highly recommend this tour company.

  • shubham805
  • From country : Thailand
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 16/10/2014

The Majestic Cruise to Halong Bay will be one of the most cherished trip for me. The staff and coordinator made everything so smooth that it felt like a dream vacation. the assistance from staff and vegetarian food was delicious.I am going back soon!

  • Pamela Y
  • From country : AUS
  • Rated 4 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 15/10/2015

The food was amazing and the staff were very helpful. Our cabin was so comfortable and there was always something planned - exploring caves, bike riding, kayaking, swimming and a cooking class. I can really recommend Halong Majestic Cruise.


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