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  • Guan M
  • From country : England
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 10/06/2015

Rooms were spacious and comfortable, way beyond whatever expectations I had coming on board the junk. Toilet is big as well, and even featured a bath tub. Could not ask for a better service abroad the cruise. Staff were attentive and accommodating. Will recommend the cruise for a fuss free luxury cruise for you to just lay back and chill. Thanks millions for Vietflametours. Have a nice trip!  

  • michael_10_10
  • From country : Singapore
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 09/12/2015

We went for the 3 day 2 night cruise. Throughout the cruise, we were in good hands. From the boat transfer to the ship and the kayaking tours, safety standards were great and we were well taken care of. It was compulsory to wear life vests during our transfer to the cruise on the boat. During the kayaking on the second day, we were assigned a kayak for two people and were told that we could kayak to 'find' our own beach. This was nice but for us who have never kayaked, we were a little apprehensive that we would be able to reach any beaches though we could see them. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that a staff had followed us on a kayak to make sure that we were not lost. We had imagined that it the waters would have been rough for kayaking but it was not. The waters were calm. The staff led those who wanted to follow him to a beautiful small enclosed lagoon. The 2 sessions of kayaking took up the morning until late afternoon. The cruise was well organized and quite packed with activities. This is definitely not for those who would like to sleep and laze on the deck all day long. This is wonderful for those who would like to experience mild water activities in a very scenic environment. The activities did not require great physical demand. Considering that we were not the exercising kind, we were able to complete the activities without much difficulty. The food was great with fresh seafood. My family enjoyed ourselves. The highlight was definitely the experience of kayaking and we did not regret taking the 3 day cruise as the 2 day cruise would exclude this part.

  • aggieweatherman
  • From country : Houston, Texas
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date :

My wife and I decided to do a two night cruise after much research. We would recommend the two night cruise because you get a full day to enjoy Halong Bay's beauty through kayaking, swimming, and exploring the beaches. Also, you can enjoy your room a bit. We booked a senior suite and enjoyed our balcony in the mornings with coffee and in the evenings with a glass of wine. The service and food were excellent. They paid a lot of attention to plating of the food. I would second the comment regarding the stained table linens. My wife noticed some small stains, but it was not enough to ruin her experience. Although, if they are claiming to be a 5 star cruise, they should pay more attention to these details and make sure fresh linens are put on each table after each meal service. The room was very spacious and the bed was one of the more comfortable we had during our trip. Our guide, Han, was very informative, but let us have our space on the day tour. In our case, another bonus of the two night cruise was that most of the ship stayed one night so our day tour on the second day consisted of only one other couple.

  • PriFreitasSouza
  • From country :
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date :

We have selected this cruise following positive recommendation and we could not enjoy more. A few very objective reasons that made this tour just perfect:- First and foremost, our guide Chris Tran, who was absolutely superb. His attention, ability to care for details and knowledge made this trip really special. More than just taking us along to the bay, he shared very good information about Vietnam, its people and history, being very communicative and completely trustworthy the whole time. I truly recommend Chris as a guide and hope he continues developing his leadership and positive behavior as a tourism expert.- The boat is very comfortable, decoration was prestine and facilities were new. Very clean, very organized, not disappointing versus the beautiful pictures in the website.- The boat crew is another highlight, all of them going the extra mile to make the stay as comfortable as possible at all times.- Food was one of the best we had in Asia so far. Meals are very well served, giving a good taste of Vietnam cuisine.In my opinion, the only opportunity to improve is the itinerary. Being Ha Long Bay such a big landscape, I felt a few important attractions were missing (e.g. we did not visit Hang Dau Go or Hang Bo Nau, which are within the top 3 best caves in the bay according to several guides). I had expectations to see the main attractions, and think this could be incorporated into the 3 days tour with no major issues, instead of the trekking which lasted the whole morning. Still, Ha Long is a beauty of nature, and exploring it with this high level of professionalism left the most positive memories of our trip.

  • Gkmachine
  • From country : Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date :

This cruise was one of a kind. Really really amazing. We loved it!!Ignore the grumpy German reviewer who says 'never again'. Some people just love to criticise or look for reasons to complain. For anyone not fluent in German his review, in short, is something like "praise goes to the cabins, food was so-so on the 'nightboat', terrible on the 'dayboat'. Even Nescafe you have to pay for. Nothing good to report about the guide". OK, so, even if this is true, does that warrant 1 star?? Thankfully it's not true in the slightest.To be honest, I suspect he may have written a review for the wrong boat. This Signature cruise boat that we were on is only 11 months old. Compared to the rest of the junk-style boats we saw on the bay it really, really stood out. There were some pretty fatigued and grubby boats out there it must be said. The cabins here were indeed beautiful and the food was some of the best food we'd had in all of Vietnam. No kidding. On top of that the cookery class was great, the guide likewise great....he was friendly, with good English and provided a wealth of information and delivered that information with enthusiasm and passion despite obviously having to repeat similar details day after day. He could not be faulted.Likewise the route around Cap La island, seeing the Thien Canh Son cave and fishing village was really great. This cruise really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we met another couple travelling who were similarly impressed.I cannot think of anything critical to say about the cruise. Yes, we had to pay our bar bill (but drinks like coffee and tea were free of charge) at the end, but we knew this was the case. And with such a luxurious cruise for such a good price there is no way this could be done otherwise (or for cheaper, considering the number of staff on board that tend to guests needs....and keeping the ship running). The cave trip was pretty busy with several groups of tourists there at the same time but is that anything to complain about? If you really want something much more "intimate", like no one else on board the boat, except for the crew then maybe book the smaller Prince Junk by Indochina Junks and pay three times as much. But I feel the kind of trip we opted for, with Signature cruises, where you meet a few other people is a lot more congenial and social. Privacy, if you want it, can of course be found in the wonderful and large cabins any time you like.Credit also goes to the fact you could get a massage onboard, get taught tai chi and, rather amusingly, we saw 'squid fishing' on the agenda, which we tried one night but failed at. We even jumped off the boat and had a swim in the South China sea. 

  • Imaadh22
  • From country : Colombo District, Sri Lanka
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date :

we spent two nights on the cruise on our honeymoon... And could not have asked for more..! We were delighted with the service right from our hotel pick up which was on time.. The trip to ha long was comfortable and our tour guide mr. Tan was very entertaining and helpful... We were lucky to enjoy this excursion with a lovely set of people who boarded the cruise along with us...The entire cruise team was so helpful and pleasant in every way. The activities on board and especially the kayaking through lime stone rocks and caves in ha long bay was just amazing.... Mr. Tan took personal care of our needs on food, as we were non meat eating; and a very tasty alternative was always provided... The crew realized we were on our honeymoon And made a special presentation of fruits and champagne to us on the night before we left the ship... It was indeed a and wonderful experience, and we personally recommend the signature cruise to anyone visiting ha long bay....

  • Robert
  • From country : United Kingdom
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 12/07/2014

Just awesome. Ha and his team were amazing and really l

  • Kah
  • From country : Singapore
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 26/06/2014

The cruise itinerary was good. Rooms are big and clean. All bedrooms have jacuzzi bathtubs, although I personally prefer standing shower rooms instead. The family suite was big, and the air con could not cool the room sufficiently, partly because Halong Bay weather is just too hot in June. Signature Cruise is more expensive than the other cruises. But if you are willing to pay slightly more, I would strongly recommend you to book Signature Cruise

  • Rebecca
  • From country : United Kingdom
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 12/04/2014

Staff, rooms, expeditions We travelled in March 2014 and had an amazing time. The boat is new so the rooms and the rest or the boat were immaculately presented. We were lucky to have room A1 which says the cabin at the front of the boat with a large private balcony. One of the main selling points was that the boat was new and very luxuriously appointed and we certainly weren't disappointed! The staff were very attentive and made the whole experience feel very relaxed but with excellent attention to detail. The surprise cave tour on the second morning was fantastic and the boat trip round the floating village was a great experience and was well guided by one of the team from the boat. We would happily recommend this tour and the company to anyone. Thank you to the Signature Cruise team for a very memorable experience!

  • Katarzyna
  • From country : Poland
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 02/03/2014

Luxary, service and Halong Bay Signature is a brand new boat, with only 10 cabins. all luxary and in good condition. Staff is great and tries to please all guests. Food is great, cabins have all you may imagine and are really large. Bathroom with fancy toilet (Bidet type) and Jacuzzi. prices on the boat are slightly higher than Hanoi but reasonable. Transfer from/to Hanoi for 30USD is in small minivan, brand new with leather seats. All great and would love to get back

  • Noriko
  • From country : Japan
  • Rated 4 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 02/07/2014

クルーズでハロン湾を満喫、部屋がきれい・快適、アクティビティー込 2日3日で参加しました。ハロン湾をゆっくり楽しむには2泊が良いでしょう。船室にも関わらず十分な広さがあり、しかもきれいで快適でした。浴槽も十分な広さでジャグジー付。食事もビュッフェがほとんどですが、まずまずの内容でした。スタッフのサービスも良く、満足できる旅でした。今回は比較的リーズナブルな価格で予約できましたが、通常の価格ですと結構お高めの印象はあります。ハロン湾でのカヤックや水上漁村訪問などのアクティビティー込ですが、アクティビティーの選択肢は少ないかな?船室の快適さとしては非常にお勧めです。

  • Ann
  • From country : Taiwan
  • Rated 5 stars of 5
  • Travel Date : 27/04/2014



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